Create More Powerful Connections with Smarter Metering Infrastructure

We see it everywhere, in Smarter Cities with Smart Water and Smart Energy Networks. Connectedness is the norm and keeping pace with it requires more advanced metrology and sensors, smarter end points, more bandwidth, stronger security and an exceptionally reliable network. You’ll find all this and more in our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution.

The FlexNet® communication network is the powerful long-range radio system at the heart of our AMI solutions for Smart Water, Smart Energy Networks, Smart Places and Smart City solutions.

Need to plan a large-scale, reliable, multi-application network? Or simply add new devices? Our AMI solution can address your current needs and grow along with you. Every day our proven, real-world solution allows utilities and municipalities of all sizes greater operational and financial control over their systems.

Flexible, dependable and smarter at every point in the network, our solution keeps you connected to the information you need, when you need it—no matter what or where your end points are—to provide the best possible service to your customers.

The power of the network ensures:

  • Accurate data measurement
  • Consistent billing and faster billing resolution
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Support for multiple Sensus applications including Leak Detection, Pressure Management, Distribution Automation, Demand Response, temperature monitoring, etc.
  • Scalability to grow with your needs
  • Operational efficiency through advanced data analytics
  • Access to more data to make informed decisions

Every day, our AMI solution serves more than:

  • 12 million water end points
  • 7 million gas end points
  • 19 million electricity meters
  • 14 million combination-utility end points
  • (These numbers represent 600 million messages daily across our FlexNet communication network.)

Benefits to you

Operational Efficiency

  • Timely data delivery
  • Access to more data to make informed decisions
  • Real-time management of intermittent outages
  • Fast, reliable remote connect and disconnect
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • More timely delivery of data
  • Faster system restoration
  • Balance supply and demand
  • Macro-diverse point-to-multipoint design

Low operational costs

  • Manages the power grid of the future
  • Integrate renewables
  • Manage distributed generation
  • Manages and support on your terms
  • Own and operate
  • Managed services–Software as a Service, Disaster recovery as a Service, Network as a Service, and Network Operations Center


  • Utility-hardened, point-to-multipoint technology
  • Less infrastructure to support
  • Redundant communication paths
  • Powerful RF network
  • Superior outage and restoration performance
  • IPv6-based network architecture
  • Reduces latency
  • Wurldtech Achilles certified end-to-end security

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Support for multiple applications
  • Metering
  • Alarms
  • Outage Management
  • Demand Response (DR)
  • Distribution Automation (DA)
  • Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR)
  • Street lighting
  • Licensed Spectrum
  • Transmit more data
  • Transmit data faster
  • Network architecture
  • Prioritize channels and applications
  • Reduce latency
  • Improve network performance
  • Increase application range

Benefits to your customers

  • Provides more informed choices on energy and water use
  • Bases monthly bills on actual (not estimated) usage
  • Saves money with energy efficiency initiatives
  • Resolves billing questions more efficiently
  • Enables fast, easy tenancy changes

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